Isku Center

Isku Center is an environmentally friendly, modern and flexible business facility in Mukkula, Lahti.

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Facilities for your business

Isku Center offers versatile facilities. We tailor a solution that suits your needs. Tell us what your company needs, and we will provide facilities and the best services!

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Meeting and event facilities for all your needs

Isku Center has facilities for any kind of event, from small meeting rooms to a large auditorium.

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Know-how and cooperation

5000 future makers for your use. Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) moved to Isku Center. Learn more about LAMK education and services.

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LAMK 360

See Lahti University of Applied Sciences' NiemiCampus virtually in LAMK 360 network service. Visit classrooms and other public spaces in campus.

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Exploit the potential

Responsibility and sustainable development are some of the cornerstones of the new Isku Center. The comfort, efficiency and energy efficiency of the facilities represent the state of the art.

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A smart energy building

One of Finland’s largest solar power plants has been launched – solar energy will be used by ISKU’s factory


The construction of the solar power plant next to the ISKU factory in Lahti, Finland started in the fall of 2021. The solar power plant with over 6,000 solar panels was inaugurated on October 3, 2022. In the future, a significant part of the electricity used by ISKU factory will be produced locally with solar electricity. The energy produced by the solar power plant corresponds to the energy consumption of ISKU's production for about seven months.

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The Lahti University of Applied Sciences celebrated its opening at Isku Center.


On 9 November 2018, the opening of the new campus of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences was celebrated at Isku Center. LAMK’s new pioneer campus is a digital, versatile and living learning and work environment uniting people in different fields, and it is an honour for Isku to be part of this.

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Business village opened at Isku Center

In October, an Yrityskylä business village opened at Isku Center, where the pupils of schools can learn about entrepreneurship. In the learning environment created for secondary schools, the pupils can role play in a scenario where they are the management of a particular company and compete in the international market.

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Welcome to Isku Center


Outside Isku Center are both visitor parking spaces for guests who use the restaurant and other services and paid spaces for the users of the building. Additionally, there are a total of 1,200 parking spaces for the businesses occupying the facilities, customers and visitors close to Isku Center.

Visiting hours

M19 entrance from 7 am to 5 pm
Iskun entrance from 8 am to 4 pm
LAB entrance 24/7 for students


M19 main entrance: restaurant and service users
Isku entrance: Isku and Isku Center's southern end entrance for companies
LAB entrance: Lahti University of Applied Sciences entrance