Isku Center has good traffic connections.

By car: Isku Center can be reached by car in ten minutes from downtown Lahti or along highway 4 (E75) from the Karisto intersection.

Public transport: Buses 1 and 13 bring you to Isku Center from bus stop A at the Travel Centre (bus and railway station). Bus 13 does not stop at the market square. Bus 1 stop at bus stop D1 at the market square and continue from there towards Isku Center.

On foot and by bicycle: You can reach Isku Center directly from the city centre along a cycle path or follow the route along the shores of the beautiful Vesijärvi lake. The parking area outside the building provides space for around 800 bicycles, and most of the cycle parking spaces are covered. The building also has facilities for employees to shower or relax.

From Isku Center, you can now rent an indoor park for your bike. Buy a bike parking –> HERE

You can also get to the Isku Center with TIER e-scooter and Mankeli e-bike.



M19 main entrance – for those using the restaurant and services

Isku entrance – entrance used by Isku and the businesses in the southern part of Isku Center

LAB and LUT entrance – entrance of the LAB University of Applied Sciences and LUT University


Outside Isku Center are both visitor parking spaces for restaurant guests and other service users as well as paid spaces for the users of the building. Additionally, there are a total of 1,200 parking spaces for the businesses occupying the facilities, customers and visitors close to Isku Center.

Isku Center uses eParking application in parking. Please download eParking Suomi application from Play Store or AppStore to validate your parking. More information about how to use eParking application

In the parking area, there are 16 charging points for electric vehicles (1 Tesla charging point)

Parking at the charging point for electric cars is free for the first 2 hours, after which the charge is 0.50€/h.

Electricity is charged all the time at 0,25€/kWh.


Student parking: 180 free parking spaces with monthly contracts have been reserved for use by students in the P3 area. If free spaces are full, you can make a parking contract in the P3 area 2 €/month. Students can park in the P2 and P3 areas free of charge on weekdays after 4pm and during weekend all day.

> More information about parking (pdf)


Who can use eParking parking application?

-The Isku Center parking spaces are reserved for those who are visiting the property.

-Everyone who comes to the Isku Center property by car.

-Log in to the system using HAKA account or an email address.

-Visitors who come to the property, restaurant, school, library, exam… download the eParking application and thereby pay for parking in the property.

Where do quests park?

-Guest parking spaces can be found around the roundabout in the front yard and in the P1 area. Both areas have self-reserve guest parking spaces.

-The business visitors to the property can booked by entering the registration number in the property’s lobby service. The property has three lobbies.

-Other guests need to load eParking app and register parking through it.

-The guest parks the car in the front yard in area P1. All other places in the P1 area are guest places, except those with the company’s name on the front.

How to arrange parking for big events?

Please inform the lobby in advance of the event date and the estimated number of participants. Depending on the size of the event, an exceptional arrangement will be made on a case-by-case basis. The exemption must be agreed with the Isku Center contact at least one week in advance.

Do all the parking spaces cost?

Yes. 180 free parking spaces with monthly contracts have been reserved for use by students in the P3 area. The guest-marked spaces in the P1 area are free of charge for company guests, who must inform the lobby staff about parking. Short-term parking in the P1 area is free for 1 hour and then 0.50 €/hour. P2 and P7 parking spaces are 15 €/month. In the P1, P4, P5 and P6 areas the cold spot costs 25 €/month and the heating spots costs 35 €/month.

How do I book a parking space?

By logging in with your HAKA account or by you company email address at you can see which P-areas you can reserve a seat for and availability. Companies that have bought parking spaces for their staff will receive instructions from their supervisor.

Can I park in any parking area, after I have obtained permission?

At present, the permit only entitles to parking in the area for which it was acquired and in which area the location is defined.

I have more than one vehicle in use, what do I do?

Multiple registration numbers can be pre-entered in eParking application. Only one registry ID is active at a time. If you come to work on different cars, be sure to activate the correct registration number through the application.

How to make sure that the parking spaces are available for the one’s who have reserved a spot?

There is daily parking control in the parking areas. Areas are overcrowded because typically not everyone is present at the same time. If this becomes a problem, the regional quotas will be revised downwards.