Businesses at Isku Center

Accountor’s customers really appreciate accessibility

It is easier for customers to visit, and the employees find the new facilities more comfortable and say their concentration has improved. The financial service provider Accountor Lahti Oy relocated from downtown Lahti to Isku Center, and has found this to be a great solution.

“Most of our customers arrive by car. Isku Center has enough space for parking and the traffic arrangements are better than in the city centre”, says Anna-Kaisa Packalen, service director at Accountor.

Anna-Kaisa Packalen, Accountor

Isku Center gave Netsecure speed and security

Netsecure Oy, a provider of IT services, relocated to Isku Center because of the good connections and the flexible facilities. A 30 m2 server room equipped with a cooling system houses a collection of virtual servers. Netsecure, which relocated to Isku Center in early 2013, offers businesses cloud services, remote support and system services.

“We needed a larger server room and better connections for data communications. Isku Center was able to offer a server room that met our expectations as well as a fibre connection”, says Petri Kärkkäinen, CEO of Netsecure.

Petri Kärkkäinen, Netsecure

Porkka chose the best option available

“We wanted our Porkka Innovation Center to be housed specifically in a modern building, where we would be able to create an innovative, multi-purpose office. We needed laboratory facilities where our product development team could test and develop new Porkka refrigeration equipment. We also have access to exhibition space, where we can exhibit our many products. We have an office facility of a size that suits our needs, and we were also able to find a good solution for our nation-wide 24/7 service”, says Jukka Kahila, production manager of Porkka Compact Refrigeration.

They had five different options available, Kahila says, and they chose the best one.

Jukka Kahila, Porkka Compact Refrigeration division

PSG’s facilities adapt to the needs

The office of Personalhuset has relocated several times as the business has grown, and has always found suitable facilities at Isku Center. The facilities are all taken care of, and both comfort and functionality are taken into account. The Lahti office currently houses two employees, and has been dimensioned accordingly.

“The possibility of booking conference rooms and the auditorium in Isku Centre when we need it is a great benefit for us, as we do not need a lot of space all of the time. Isku has also helped us furnish our offices in a way that makes them function better”, says personnel consultant Hertta Junnila.

Facilities for your business

Isku Center offers versatile facilities for everything from production to storage and offices as well as internal and external logistics solutions.

We tailor a solution that suits your needs. Tell us what your company needs, and we will provide facilities and the best services!

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