Isku Center is an environmentally friendly, modern and flexible business facility on Mukkulankatu 19 in Mukkula, Lahti. The building houses Isku’s production facilities and its head office as well as about a dozen tenants. The largest of these tenants is the LAB University of Applied Sciences, which occupies around 24,000 m2.

Historical production facilities transformed into a pioneering international community

Isku Center is a meeting place for the employees of various businesses, 5,000 students from the LAB University of Applied Sciences and the staff of Isku’s industrial production facility, which is among the most modern facilities of its type in the world. This unique, modern community is an internationally interesting pioneer in Europe. At Isku Center, students and businesses from different sectors are able to network. The members of the community enjoy the opportunity of developing various processes through a new kind of cooperation, which offers contacts with businesses, the university and development organisations, opportunities for cooperation and shared resources.

Isku Center is accessible using many different means of transport and the restaurant offers food and snacks all day. The building also houses the wellness centre of the LAB University of Applied Sciences, which provides gym and exercise facilities. Isku Center offers meeting and event facilities ranging from small meeting rooms to a large auditorium, and the restaurant services can provide catering. Isku Center provides facilities for meetings with customers and various events can be accommodated all under the same roof.

Smart energy solutions for responsible businesses

The oldest part of the building was built in 1958 and has been used by Isku as a factory up until the present day. The building includes 76,000 m2 of heated space. The newly renovated building offers versatile production and office facilities. Internal and external logistics solutions are all ready to go

Isku renews its factory building to provide comfortable facilities for responsible businesses, while smart energy solutions lower the carbon footprint by 90 per cent. The stable framework of the building is filled with new facilities featuring modern levels of comfort, efficiency and energy efficiency. The solutions purpose-designed for Isku Center by the energy service company LeaseGreen lower CO2-emissions of the building by up to 90 per cent compared to other technologies used in similar buildings.

The energy economy of Isku Center is based on a very efficient geothermal heat pump system, which handles both heating and cooling of the building. A solar panel system has been installed on the roof, and the electricity from there is used for cooling the building as well as for charging electric vehicles, for example. The capacity of the heat pumps is 1,050 kW, which is equal to the combined effect of geothermal heat pumps in more than a hundred single-family homes. The heat pumps are backed up by district heating, which provides the peak performance required on the chilliest days of the year.

“Responsibility and sustainable development are among the cornerstones of Isku Center. The building is equipped with a new energy system, combining top level energy economy with good indoor air and a minimal carbon footprint. We call these solutions ‘smart energy solutions’. It is more than energy efficiency. We want to make Isku Center the most attractive business campus in the Päijät-Häme region and invite all businesses who value inspiring facilities, excellent services and responsibility”, says Isku’s quality and environmental director Hanna Eskola.