Isku Center has 17 charging points for electric vehicles.

The demand for charging points is increasing

As the demands of electric traffic grows, smart adjustment features will become necessary. Isku Center wanted to be prepared for the growing demand, and therefore installed many charging points at once. Asko Dahlbom, development director of Isku Center, explains that Virta was chosen as the service provider because of their comprehensive all-round service.

“We wanted a complete solution where the equipment, the maintenance and the invoicing are all handled by one and the same party”, Asko Dahlbom explains.

Each charging points can charge two vehicles simultaneously, and the yellow charging points are easy to spot in the parking area. The owner of the charging point decides on the price for the charge, and Isku Center decided on a price based on the number of kilowatt hours. In the front yard are six Chago Pro charging points, and in the backyard two more. One Tesla Destination Charger station was also installed.

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