The Lahti University of Applied Sciences celebrated its opening at Isku Center.

On 9 November 2018, the opening of the new campus of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences was celebrated at Isku Center. LAMK’s new pioneer campus is a digital, versatile and living learning and work environment uniting people in different fields, and it is an honour for Isku to be part of this.

“I am proud to see that the building has been filled with young, international people with a passion for life. They bring creative ideas to the businesses as well. This benefits both the businesses and the students, says Seppo Vikström, Chairman of the Board of Isku.

The facilities of LAMK Mukkulankatu are located in a renovated historical industrial environment, Isku Center, which also houses Isku’s head office, production facilities and factory outlet as well as office, exhibition and production facilities used by several other businesses. There is still space for newcomers in the campus community – facilities are available for rent.

Responsibility is at the core of Isku’s business, so it is only natural that Isku Center has also been renovated using smart energy solutions. The solutions designed for Isku Center by the energy service company LeaseGreen lower the CO2-emissions of the building by up to 90 per cent compared to other technologies used in similar buildings.

Learn more about LAMK’s pioneer campus on their website: